A glance at Rinzen

Rinzen is an economic consulting firm specialized in applied microeconomics. . We provive our clients with sophisticated econometric analysis to assist them in the process of strategic decision-making. We develop quantitative analysis and economic methods designed to cope with the specific needs of our clients. Rinzen provides critical insight in legal proceedings, regulatory analysis and economic forecasting. We always rely on the most recent academic research to provide clear and concrete advices.

Scientific excellence

Our proximity with the academic world enables us to use first-class economic tools to deal with the complexity of our clients’ specific issues.

Legal environment

Our deep understanding of our clients’ legal and regulatory environment is a key element to deliver relevant and effective advices and to directly cooperate with our clients’ legal advisors.

Pedagogical skills

Our primary goal is to offer clear advices to our clients. For this reason, our reports combine scientific development and communication skills to provide simple answers to complex phenomenon.

Pierre Bentata

President of Rinzen, Pierre Bentata is economist and econometrician. He holds a Ph.D in economics from Aix Marseille School of Economics and a joint LL.M from Ghent, Hamburg and Vienna Universities. He was post-doctoral fellow at Paris II Panthéon Assas, and has published scientific articles in international peer journals. His research focuses on the empirical analysis of civil liability and regulation and on the econometric study of courts’ decisions. He has provided reports to French think tank and has been visiting professor in a lot of business schools, where he regularly teaches microeconomics and finance. He also writes columns for French leading economic newspapers.

Rinzen, a Specialized Subsidiary

Rinzen is Asterès’ subsidiary, specialized in applied quantitative economics. During the last two years, Pierre Bentata and Nicolas Bouzou, founder and president of Asterès, have worked together on very different economic issues. In 2015, they decided to create Rinzen. Rinzen's microeconomic excellence combined with Asterès macroeconomic knowledge and experience gave birth to a group able to cover a wide range of engagements related to legal proceeding, economic forecasting and strategic decision making.

Our Vision

In a context of economic uncertainty and legal distrust, we consider that business ethics is a fundamental element. For this reason, we may refuse to work for companies adopting irresponsible behaviors or having morally questionable activities. Furthermore, our studies are deeply rooted into academic research and we cannot guarantee any results before having conducted in-depth studies. Rigor, independence and creativity are the values shared by Rinzen.










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